Naan So Yummy & Soft with added benefits

Soft and Smooth Naan in Aroma

Naan So Yummy & Soft with added benefits:

One serving of Aroma Naan bread contains 247 calories. Bread is totally different from roti. Our bread is well baked with an adequate amount of yeast. There are many varieties of this bread-like plain, paneer, garlic, cheese, and etc. aroma serves you with the perfect desired food you would strive for. We serve the naan with delicious gravy dish and some curry (veg and non-veg) to our customers. our website gives the best services at your dining.

We serve the naan hot and fluffy. Our bread has essential vitamins and enough nutrients which boost up your energy. Our bread is baked so softly and smooth so that it is easy to chew. We use very less amount of oil while preparing it. go check out the latest updated menue you desire. We also provide with the required stuffing that the customers desire to eat at our Aroma restaurant. Our bread is brushed with some ghee or butter with added fragrance essences. We focus on serving you with the most delicious bread.We give the perfect mixture of texture just to keep you amazed every time. We also offer great delivery and takeaway services. we offer a reasonable range of quality and quantity products.

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